Panama Real Estate-Past-Present and Future

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Since the Spanish Conquest, Panama has held a privileged geographic, commercial and cultural position. Panama was first visited by Europeans in 1501 on an expedition led by Rodrigo de Bastidas premium iptv. Santa Maria la Antigua del Darien was the first city on “terra firme”, founded by Christopher Colombus. After crossing Panama, Vasco Nuñez arrived at the Pacific Ocean, and it was then that the Isthmus gained importance as a passageway, which is still true today.

From this era, the first “Panama Real Estate” was erected, including numerous stone buildings. In the 16th century, these buildings were part of Panama’s city center, known today as Panama City “La Vieja,” which was destroyed by the pirate Henry Morgan in 1671. Nowadays, these buildings provide Panama City with a beautiful historical landmark. The total destruction and looting led to the construction of a new Panama City in 1673, which is better known today as Casco Antiguo, named a heritage for humanity by UNESCO in 1997 and is presently one of the city’s most valuable real estate sectors.

From Avenida Balboa one can actually observe the stark contrast between the past, present and future of Panama. At one extreme is Casco Viejo, the oldest city on the Pacific Coast of the Americas. Casco Viejo’s architecture is a mixture of influences from the Spanish Explorers and French Colonial, from the first attempt made by the French to build the Panama Canal. Punta Paitilla, also visible from Avenida Balboa, is a well established residential zone possessing the highest concentration of skyscrapers in Panama City. Next to Punta Paitilla is Punta Pacifica, an up and coming residential zone undergoing an immense amount of construction, including the well known Trump Ocean Club, among other breathtakingly beautiful high rise towers, all with unobstructed ocean front views.

Though Panama is small in size, its variety of real estate is huge. The spectrum of Panama real estate includes properties on deserted islands, spectacular beaches, highland estates and apartments in the center of the metropolitan Panama City. Panama offers unparalleled opportunities for investors, businessmen and retirees looking for a change of pace.

Panama’s unique characteristics, such as its circulating currency (the United States dollar), social and political stability, the warmth of the people and the beauty of the environment, have converted Panama into a favorite destination for many travel buffs. Furthermore, these same characteristics have provided the fuel for the real estate boom currently taking place in Panama.

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